The Best Agile Project Management Tools for Your Business

The Best Agile Project Management Tools for Your Business

The agile methodology is the most used software development techniques used all over the world in the IT sector. Agile provides the basic infrastructure that is well needed to provide support in producing defect-free and quality products.

The word agile is derived from the meaning, able to move quickly and easily. This basically means that with the help of agile methodology, you can produce the desired products quickly and in a hassle-free way in which the nature of the product is based on the customers’ demands while providing the required quality.

During the agile process, the teams are given tasks of the projects, which then are combined together to make the project whole. With this method, the product production reduces while the quality of the product improves.

Here we provided a brief overview of agile methodology; now, let us take a look at the tools used in organizations that have adopted this process.


This software is developed for the project managers whose constant responsibility is to maintain the team harmony and achieve the organizational goals that are set by the organization. This software helps the managers with their various features to record time and track time taken by each individual to complete a task, calendar to plan tasks, and maintain deadlines and charts. This software gained its fame due to its user-friendly nature, as this software can be applied in small, medium, and large scale businesses. This software allows integration with third-party software due to which the company can use various other software along with this.

  1. Toggle Plan

This management software comes in view of the needs of the agile teams at work. Therefore, this software offers its wide range of features, which allow the user to manage the tasks, helps in project management, account for the progress done by the team members while helping in developing new strategies by providing the required data. This helps in maintain deadlines by marking dates on the calendar.

  1. Freshservice

This software is a complete digital project management toolkit on its own. This software helps in maintaining communication among the team member while maintaining coordination among them .this is the reason why this software is preferred more by the teams. This helps in better developing the communication skills among the team. Its features allow the leader to effectively help in managing the project and timely allocation of work. Its communication functionalities allow sharing context and data through the software among the team members.

  1. SpiraTeam by Infect

This software is only based on agile methodology. Therefore the developed have deemed it fit to use in any size of the organization. This software is capable enough to support Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), DSDM, AUP, and many more. These tools of agile methodology help in effective project management while making sure this the tasks given to the team is completed in due timeframe. In this software, each project has its own dashboard; this helps the leader to effectively manage the tasks and keeping an account on the problems and time taken by each individual to complete the work at hand.

  1. Wrike

This is a real-time project management software that the primary task is to boost communication among the team members. With improved communications, the team can productively collaborate with each other to effectively produce the product before the deadline. This software was developed for large scale organizations, but then with the course of time, this software was used in medium scale businesses. This software adds its extension to both android and iOS platforms in order to maintain and account for the progress made on the project through your mobile devices. This helps the managers to maintain the integrity of the task and the team.

  1. Atlassian JIRA

The last in our list, but we saved the last because it is the best. This software is completely based on agile methodology and can is popular in the IT sector, where professionals work in a shared environment. The software is enabled with editable scrum boards, charts, Kanban boards while providing the user with 100+ add on services, which makes the software interface both useful and user friendly. As a user, you take your time in customizing the setup and making fulfill your requirements.

Now we have looked at the various tools, which are considered best in their class in terms of use and support to the project managers. The project considers them to be the best tools that can help you improve your organizational capabilities and manage your teams to successfully completing the project.

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